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Our Story

Amaxiam, LLC (Amaxiam) is an 8(a) joint venture (JV) combining the capabilities of Akumen, Inc. (Akumen) and Acuity, Inc. (Acuity) to provide the Federal Government with IT support services that span the Cloud, DevSecOps, Data Analytics, Digital Platform technologies, Cybersecurity, and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Amaxiam - Our Story
Our Story - Amaxiam IT Support

Akumen is an SBA Certified 8(a) Small Business and is joined by Acuity as a successful 8(a) graduate. Akumen (est. 1989) and Acuity (est. 2002) have a successful history working together, which provides a strong foundation for delivering business results. Akumen and Acuity have partnered on many Federal Government IT projects in support of National Security and Public Safety efforts.

Akumen and Acuity possess an SBA-Approved Mentor-Protégé Agreement (MPA) allowing our two companies to continue developing our joint capabilities. Under this agreement, Acuity is the mentor guiding Akumen on a variety of business areas including contracts administration and business development. The MPA meets all the requirements stipulated under the SBA Mentor/Protégé program. We have combined and adopted the best practices of each company’s policies, procedures, and technical capabilities for the Amaxiam JV.

Amaxiam - IT Services for Government Agencies

Our Values

IT Support for Government Agencies - Amaxiam

Our values are the leading principles for the way we do business and how we treat our customers and each other.

  • Authenticity – honesty and sincerity with our customers, our colleagues, and our partners
  • Stewardship – Commitment and compliance to rules and regulations that are expected of us
  • Equality – Treat everyone with respect and welcome different points of view
  • Collaboration – foster an environment of teamwork, cooperation, and tireless/selfless striving towards our mutual goals
  • Accountability – hold ourselves accountable and lead by example
  • Integrity – Always strive to do the right thing for our common good

Our Customers

Amaxiam Customers - IT Services for Government Agencies
Amaxiam’s mission-centric focus, enterprise technology perspective, and domain expertise combine to play a vital role in our Nation’s security and public safety mission today. Our solutions enable our Government to deliver cost-effective and high-quality support for our Nation in the face of continuous emerging threats.

Amaxiam has developed technology solutions for clients in support of national security and public safety. Amaxiam has played a critical role in developing solutions to combat the illicit drug trade, counter illegal gun smuggling, and stop human trafficking. In addition, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Amaxiam’s JV partners were also instrumental in developing rapid applications to help the U.S. Government address the Covid-19 pandemic.

Amaxiam Customers - IT Services for Government Agencies
Amaxiam's Customers

We take pride in what we do for our clients. We are a collaborative team of talented professionals who never forget who we work for. We are honored to support such an important mission and leverage our technical expertise, partnerships, and knowledge to make a difference for our customers and our nation.